Walkera FPV iLook+ HD Camera Review

Walkera FPV iLook+ HD Camera

Nowadays, more and more people are fond of photographing, and many high advanced cameras are created. Walkera FPV iLook+ HD camera is an advanced high-tech camera, more useful and practical than the previous.
Walkera FPV iLook+ HD CameraThis camera features 13 million pixels, real-time image transmission, wide-angle lens, which will be illustrated in the following in details, to enable you to see how advanced this camera is and how useful and practical it is.

13 million pixels

Walkera FPV iLook+ HD Camera
This camera obtains 13 million pixels, supporting HD shooting and HD video. The video format is MJPG with 4032*3024 pixels. With high definition shooting, no matter when and where it is, you will not miss any beautiful moments, and you can enjoy the fun with your friends together. As for HD video, the video format is MOV, and its resolution is 1920*1080P. Its video frame rate is 30FPS. When shooting by iLook+, it will be optimized automatically to the best performance. It is quite clear that this camera can be applied to take high definition photos and videos.

Except that, this camera supports output Micro SD card, allowing users to take as many pictures and videos as they like. This camera is also compatible with G-2D and G-3D brushless gimbal, able to be used widely and broadly.

Real-time image transmission

Walkera FPV iLook+ HD Camera
This Walkera FPV iLook+ HD camera has low latency and long range FPV, supporting 5.8 Ghz wireless video link. Combined with built-in 5.8G real-time image transmission system and matched with radio, the camera is more useful and practical, and image can be transmitted when flying.
Walkera FPV iLook+ HD CameraThis camera is compatible with Walkera DEVO F7, supporting 8 video channels selectable image transmission range reach to 1km. You can choose the best frequency channel according to the image quality. It is obvious that the real-time image transmission is really amazing and remarkable.

Wide-angle lens

Walkera FPV iLook+ HD CameraThis camera has a wide lens angle, up to 170 degree, which means a wider photo and video shooting range. A wider beautiful scenes can be recorded. This camera is compatible with Fatshark goggles, and you are allowed to experience the natural beauty just like in front of your eyes closely.

Those three features of this Walkera FPV iLook+ HD camera are outstanding and remarkable, making it extremely welcomed by photographers. With this camera, users can experience the great fun of photographing easily and conveniently. This camera is definitely what photographers want and need in their careers, and it is also an important and indispensable equipment for RC enthusiasts.

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