Walkera DEVO F12 FPV Transmitter Review

Walkera Devo F12 Transmitter

Walkera, the famous and popular brand of RC toys, has promoted an new advanced product, called Walkera DEVO F12 FPV transmitter. This transmitter has excellent performance, extremely attractive and practical. This transmitter has 2.4G frequency, and it is encoded with 12CH micro computer system. It has a wide control range which is more than 1000 meters, and its image range is more than 300 meters. 3.7V 3000mAh li-po battery provides the power the transmitter needs for operation, and its standby time can reach up to 10 hours.
Walkera Devo F12 TransmitterThis excellent and outstand transmitter has exquisite and delicate designs, as well as practical function. Those designs and function make sure that this transmitter can perform excellent for flight.

Exquisite and delicate designs

Walkera Devo F12 TransmitterWalkera Devo F12 Transmitter
This transmitter has exquisite and delicate designs, including 4.7inch colorful graphic interface touch screen, six swashplates, curve settings of transmitter reaches up to 9 points. This touch screen allows you to have clear picture of flying state, quite functional for use. The six swashplates design makes it suitable for 6 different kinds of helicopter swashplate modes. The curve settings of transmitter up to 9 points design makes controlling feeling more exquisite, permitting you to freely select the normal flight and stunt flight. Except that, this transmitter also has 4 stick modes switch, radio data transmission, auto code banding and fixed code free settable designs. What’ s more, this transmitter has three aircraft models design, covering airplane, helicopter and glider models.

5.8G real-time image transmission function

Walkera Devo F12 Transmitter

This Walkera DEVO F12 FPV transmitter has remarkable 5.8G real-time image transmission function, able to display HD image at real time to allow you to enjoy PFV flying to the fullest. By opening video settings, you can choose 8 video channels, and select the corresponding channel of 5.8G emitter module, to experience the entertainment of 5.8G real-time image transmission.

Telemetry function

Walkera Devo F12 Transmitter
This transmitter obtains amazing telemetry function, capable of monitoring voltage, temperature, rate sensor, longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and GPS data. Through this transmitter, you can have a general knowledge of the flying state. Those information can do you great favor in taking full control of this flight and ensuring safe flight.

USB online updating function

Walkera Devo F12 Transmitter
This Walkera transmitter features USB online updating function, and it can update the latest software online through USB. This process is easy, simple and convenient. By updating software, you are able to enjoy the latest advanced services this transmitter can bring to you.
Those exquisite designs and practical function of this transmitter matter a lot in making it perform excellent. This new advanced Walkera DEVO F12 FPV transmitter opens my mind, assisting me to enjoy flying and leading me to an amazing and fantastic world.

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