Reliable remote control plane, Jxd 392 quadcopters

JXD 392

Have you ever see such cool remote control plane? Jxd 392 is a quadcopters with a outstanding color: metalic red. I have been attracted firstly by its beautiful appearance. And I found it powerful when I search its features and functions.
JXD 392Jxd 392 has 6-axis system which allows the quad to be hand launched. With the 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, the plane has strong stability and stronger wind resistance that it can easily implement various flight movements and easy to control. It has super mini size, the smallest volum and the lightest weight, but its stability and operability are out of your imagination. How easy to carry it is! This quadcopters can land stabily with its 4 feet and fly quickly very much. It can be use within such 50m that the space is larger to fly. With 5 highlight color LED lights, it can indicate direction in the night and increase the visual perception of flight. You will found it more beautiful in the dark night. In addition, there is a greatest advantage. The plane has 640*480 built-in digital video camera. You can take clear pictures when it fly in the high altitude to give you a wonderful experience as flying personally for yourself.

There is another choice of Jxd 392 with 2.4 transmitter. The transmitter can adjust the speed and be adopted for anti-interference that the quadcopter won’t interfere with each other while more than one quadcopter is flying. Such a easily-control and lightweight quadcopter is suitable for the people with different ages. Children are easy to play and adults are easy to carry for traveling.It is worth to buy for its high configurations and low price.

If you have a remote control plane, you need get ready for some spare parts beford you need it. Especially the plane has LED, you should buy some lights for change it. And you’d better get ready some motor of clockwise and anti-clockwise to prevent the sudden situation.

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