UDI U830, mid-range remote control plane for kids

UDI U830

Searching remote control plane for kids? Especially for boys, choosing a gift is more difficult than girls. There is a good choice for you to buy it as a present for your boys because most boys like play remote control plane. And they will be excited about it for its good functions. With good quality and impact shock proof safe, UDI U830 is suitable for your children. They must be attracted by beautiful durable sleek design.
UDI U830With beautiful neuter appearance, boys and girls are all suitable to have UDI U830. The control distance is more than 30 metres, so kids can play the plane within this scope. With 2.4Ghz mini 4 channel 6 axis hand sensor quadcopter, U830 has strong stability and stronger wind resistance that it can easily implement various flight movements and easy to control. It can easily finish many directions of flying such as 360-degree flip and stunts and spins for letting your kids happy. In addition, its hand sensor controller can control the direction of the quadcopter. With 25.3cm*20cm*11.5cm little size and 1.7 lightweight body, it will be more flexible to control flying and easy to be caught for travel compared with the other toy car. Especially for children, it is easy to be caught and safe to play.

My uncle’s son is nearly 7 years old, and last year I bought a UDI U830 plane for him. He is still interested in playing it outdoor now, but the body of plane likes the new one with a little nick. The speed of control and flying is quick. You needn’t be worried about that it will easy to be broken when you use it outdoor.

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