Fatshark Predator V2 FPV Headset System Video Goggle

Fatshark Predator V2

Are you planning to find a pair of video goggles? There are many kinds of video goggles are seeling in the market today, so you have many choices, last week, i bought the fatshark predator v2 video goggles, it’s so amazing.

I fell in love with it immediately, everything about them screams military awesome. Lightweight, made of polycarbonate, and just designed to intimidate in style. If there’s one tactical accessory you go for, it’s got to be the goggles.

Fatshark Predator V2The fatshark predator v2 video goggles have the polarised backlight technology seen in the Dominator video goggles for crisp and vibrant colours, however the attitude V2 goggles have inbuilt adjustable IPD not seen on the dominator’s, this means that you can quickly adjust the focus for each eye without the need to insert any additional lens. However if required additional lenses can be inserted ordered and fitted to allow you total control and customisation to your needs.

On the other hand, the improvements to the electronics were not only ones made, there have been exterior changes to the attitudes, they now come with a rubberised velvety texture covering, tactile motion IPD sliders, secured rubber eye cups and a thinner head strap, overall these video goggles look and feel great with outstanding optics. And it comes with 7.4V 1000mAh, balance lead and discharge adapter for charging via RC chargers. Any other features such as has a powerful camera, 250mW 5.8G transmitter, combined onboard FPV components(TX, camera, filtered power adapter) and so on.

The fatshark predator v2 video goggles here are scratch resistant and anti-fog, plus they offer UV400 protection. If you’re an outdoorman, I’m sure there’s a use case for these goggles nearly every weekend. You will like it.

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  1. IPD is not focus. IPD adjustment is distance between pupils. If your eyesight is bad, you need diopter lenses for focus.

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