Walkera G-2D 2 Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal For Gopro 3

Walkera G-2D Gimbal

Are you planning to find a new brushless camera gimbal for your device? I introduce the Walkera G-2D Gimbal to you. This is a really powerful brushless camera gimbal.

G-2D gimble is specifically designed for Gopro Hero3 camera by Walkera, adoping aluminum alloy CNC frame, brushless motor, high accuracy intelligent electronic control system. Be utilized to filming and adverting aerial photography and so on. High precise and stable frame design to make sure the camera control accurately during high speed flying and take the best aerial photography pictures and videos.
Walkera G-2D GimbalOn the other hand, the Walkera G-2D Gimbal is convenient to assemble, plug and play, support 350 size drones. It supports with Walkera iLook Camera. G-2D brushless gimble can be compatible with ILook camera, to get HD aerial photography.

What’s more, the G-2D program can be update online, new program will be released on Walkera website. You can use the UP02 and UP02 adaptor as the upgrade tool, and then connect blue single wire plug G-2D tilt socket signal position, yellow single wire plug connect to G-2D Roll socket signal position, black single wire plug connect G-2D Roll socket position of earth wire. There are many features of this Walkera G-2D Gimbal, such as supporting the GOPRO Hero3 video aux output; support the power supply voltage reverse connection protection and voltage compensation; support the the sensitivity parameters adjustment and the software 3 d posture display.

With the development of the technology, there are more and more RC quadcopter in the market, if you want to find a quadcopter which comes with a camera, so that can help you record the video or take the photos, i think the series products of Walkera will be one of the best choices for you. If the camera is broken, then you can buy the Walkera G-2D Gimbal brushless camera, it will works as well as the one before.

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