A New Product: dys 3 axis gimbal

dys 3 axis gimbal

DJI phantom is a combination between Gopro3 metal brushless camera and ALD2208 motors, which is definitely a suitable and practical present for children. There is no exception for DJI phantom which is assembled with motors. And each accessory of this device is very necessary, for example, the dys 3 axis gimbal.

dys 3 axis gimbalThis new accessory is released by DYS, named “SMARY”, the specially on the mini 3 axis AlexMos controller board, it works with this gimbal perfect. It is made from aluminum alloy and plastic parts, besides, this option is PLAY and PLUG, it can be worked with the DJI Phantom. In a word, new dys 3 axis gimbal which uses 2210 brushless motor and BGC genuine driving, plug and play. It’s compatible for Gopro3, in addition 3-axis can continue rotating, but less than 5 cycles.

If you want to buy the DJI Phantom as a gift for your children or friends, you are clever. This kind of gift can save you from trouble as children is definitely to like it. It is regular that children are fond of motors and RC helicopters. There is no exception for DJI phantom which is assembled with motors.

It is born to be loved by children. It also has a simple structure and light weight as it is structure by CNC aluminum alloy, which means that it can be carried and controlled by children very easily. Besides, it possesses anti-vibration rubber balls, making it easy to adjust. It is also said that it is compatible with Gopro3, 2, 1, providing a lot of choice for children. There is another attraction, namely, the equipment of motor protection which can do great help in heat dissipation, allowing children to have fun for a long time. On the other hand, with the dys 3 axis gimbal and other accessories, you can have a lot of fun from it. All these make it not very difficult but still challengeable to operate DJI phantom. Therefore, it is the most suitable gift for children.

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