Why Buy the QR X350 Pro RC Quadcopter?

QR X350 Pro

How many people can boast that they’ve got cool aerial photography of their home and land? Not many, a helicopter would be in order for making professional shots, but you can get some pretty good ones with some of these remote quadcopters as well. They won’t go super high up, but you’ll definitely get a unique viewpoint few others have seen. QR X350 Pro RC quadcopter is one of such products.
QR X350 ProTwin brushless motor design, paired with 11. 1V 5200mAh LIPO battery, creating power that will surpass all your expectations. Main rotor head assembly featuring high end aesthetic and superior flight performance; in addition, an integrated control system with specially optimized 3-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller, and 4g servos. All of these enable the QR X350 Pro RC quadcopter to posses the same stability, superior agility, and tail holding effectiveness as the larger helicopters.

4g digital micro servos are special design for QR X350 Pro RC quadcopter, features to increase micro helicopter control speed and precision, let the micro/indoor helicopter has same flight performance as large outdoor RC quadcopter. On the other hand, the tail Brushless motor sustain optimal tail locking performance under high head speed and extreme flight conditions.

As mentioned, a QR X350 Pro RC quadcopter with camera makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for kids and gadget geeks of all ages. There are few toys out there that deliver on both the visceral experience during play and pay-off afterwards like these do. And they’ve got a lot more value than simply as a spy toy. It’s the kind of gift that will get the whole family involved to see what can be done with it.

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