Tenshock SC411 5200kv Brushless Is Powerful

Tenshock SC411 5200kv

Tenshock SC411 5200kv is 4 pole motor with sensor, specially developed for 1/10 short course model cars. Based on their core business philosophy of “ Top Technology, Top quality, Top Service”, Tenshock are doing their best, exploring products, and selling to all of the world. Tenshock are many focus on multi-pole motors, including: 4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole. Covering car sensored and sensorless motors, boat Viper and CZII cooling motors and EDF plane 28mm, 36mm motors. Different size and various KV for option, which is popular in end users.

Tenshock SC411 5200kvJust believe me, this Tenshock SC411 5200kv brushless motor is really good. Standard generator can be only two post such as one particular match In as well as Utes. While, 4 pole generator features 2 sets of And and Utes. Comparing along with a couple of person of polish lineage motors, this Some rod motor provides beneath advantages. One is who’s provides larger twisting. Because it provides 2 twos regarding north and south poles, it’s got huge power within twisting. Another is that it is a bit more clean. Several post generator is more delicate within power output. You’ll not feel while powerful while A couple of pole throughout foot brake. Which edge is a lot more clear while your car or truck can be leaping about the track.

Tenshock SC411 5200kv
After that, you can view what this particular Tenshock SC411 5200kv brushless motor in fact is and just how outstanding it might conduct for you plainly through the previously mentioned. It is quite very easy to conclude this brushless motor is basically useful and also easy for employ. When you have held the idea, you are allowed to savor it’s exceptional efficiency. You will not feel as strong as 2 pole in brake. And this advantage is more obvious while your car is jumping on the track. I believe you will fall in love with it.

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