Wltoys V303 Seeker 2.4G GPS RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Review

Wltoys V303

With technology developing, many digital products are increasingly famous for people. The remote control toys such as plane are also more and more high-tech. Not only is it played for kids, but also it is used by adults. There is also somebody who play remote control plane professionally. I thingk Wltoys V303 quadrocopter is very suitable for these men whose demand is high.

Wltoys V303
You may be curious how professional this model is. With 2.4G transmitter, Wltoys V303 can adjust the speed and be adopted for anti-interference that the quadcopter won’t interfere with each other while more than one quadcopter is flying. It has 6-axis system so that it can be controlled flexibly for many directions. It has GPS auto pilot function that you needn’t control it personally. And you won’t be worried about it will be broken that it has failsafe and self landing stabily with its 4 feet. With the 360 degree rotating light, it is more beautiful when it flys even can be used in the dark. The remote control distance is not only as less as the other plane. You will be surprised that you can control it within 500 metres. With larger fly distance, V303 can take clearer and more beautiful pictures from the high altitude with its 1080P/720P HD camera. Super HD camera is still very less in the market of remote control plane now. With high pixel and large fly distance, you can take nicer pictures as if you are on the plane.

Although its price is a little high, Wltoys v303 is worth to buy with these configuration for professional player, isn’t it? I also want to buy one as birthday present for my friend who is very like the things about plane.

6 thoughts on “Wltoys V303 Seeker 2.4G GPS RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Review

  1. This White quadcopter looks excellent. My brother like flying quadcopter, so I have ordered one for him. Looking forward to its arrival.

  2. This quadcopter seems to be well-equipped. It may be functional. I want to know more details about it to decide whether it is worthwhile for me to get it or not.

  3. Thanks for your recommendation. It is really amazing and interesting to fly this quadcopter. It is worthwhile for me to have it.

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