Quadcopter is a new fashion in RC world, more and more people are crazy about it. If you are one of the RC fans, and you are looking for a wonderful quadcopter, maybe Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 is your dream quadcopter.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3
Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 has many futures as other similar quadcopter. It has an independent way of theft of camera orientation and a camera for photos and videos in flight. A function return automated its starting point, so you can make it return whenever you want to avoid hitting something and damaging.  To this is added a “Following ” mode: it is hoped that this is a function of monitoring the radio, which could be very interesting to shoot oneself in the practice of a sport. It is remaining characteristics of galaxy visitor2 quadcopter , including size, weight, type of engine ( they are probably brushless) , battery, availability and still at the most favorable price.

The quadcopters models “medium” , that is to say, with a distance of 14-24 cm between each motor ( a completely arbitrary value ) , are becoming more numerous. The Eye One Xtreme RC Logger or alias LaTrax are perfect illustrations. Galaxy 3 Visitor Nine Eagles has already been a member of them. Obviously it is more successful than its little brother the Galaxy Visitor 2. What is the case that the device is based on a GPS rather than electronic compasses to power the drive controller in flight information. What a wonderful thing!

Anyway, this model will be the hottest RC quadcopter in this year. The most important is that the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 works greater than you can believe,fast response,high speed,cool appearance! Do you have interest in this Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 now? If so, what are you waiting for?

  • Harvey

    This is an advanced quadcopter. A friend of mine likes collecting quadcopter. I believe he will like it if I send the quadcopter to him.

  • Wendell

    This designs of the quadcopter is really amazing. I want to do a research about this quadcopter. Can you tell me where I can buy the quality product?

  • Christopher

    What a unique and special quadcopter! Its design attracts me a lot so that I ORDER it. Wish it can arrive as soon as possible.

  • Michael Severt

    Is the Galaxy Visitor 3 the BNF version? Also, do have the Galaxy Visitor 2 that is the BNF version?

    • toptoysadmin

      There is no BNF version of Galaxy Visitor 3. We have the BNF version of Galaxy Visitor 2, but it is sold out.

  • josh

    Can this quadcopter do flips and rolls? Are the motors under lowered or does it have alot of power to possible carry small items like another camera, lights etc.

  • michael

    I can not find parts for galaxy visitor 3
    Such as motor replacement?

    where can i buy them?

  • Steve

    does it really have a gps system that returns the quad if you get in trouble ? can you give me more details how it works ?/