WLtoys V262 Cyclone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Camera Version Review

I love this bird, I flew RC years ago and decided to get into it again. The WLtoys V262 RC quadcopter is really funny. On the other hand, the quad is very stable, very powerful.

Top Toy Space-WLtoys V262 Camera Version ReviewAfter I received the WLtoys V262, and just did my first test flight of my new RC quadcopter. It is excellent. It was very windy, like in the video posted. No problem, I flew the entire charge of the battery without crashing from wind. It handles beautifully. It files much better than my previous RC toys.

Besides, I’m very impressed how stable this WLtoys V262 RC quadcopter is even when flipping and doing rolls. I like the idea you have to use the button to flip that way in 100% mode you don’t have to worry about flipping on 4th flight I wanted to know how high it would go little disappointed there only around 100 meters before it lost signal but recovered from lost signal right away, motors do get hot and I have modded it already one the battery box so I can carry a 100mah 25c battery and next to mount a 808 and mobius action cam solid on the underneath connected to the battery box, very stable, agile, fast but still hovers hands free, the gyro is the best hands down I have ever seen in a quad and the controls from hand input to quad are precise.

Many people are turning to electric remote control quadcopters which are also available in contrasting prices and also in indoor and outdoor models. Buying the electric versions of these quadcopter depend on the level of competence required to operate one. So, if you want to get more happiness from your part time, you can try to have an WLtoys V262 RC quadcopter in hand, I believe you can what you want from it.

6 thoughts on “WLtoys V262 Cyclone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Camera Version Review

  1. This quadcoper looks really nice. It sounds like very functional. I am fond of it, and I am going to get it for my brother too.

  2. The features of the quadcopter talked above is absolutely amazing and fantastic. I am attracted by it. I believe that I can have a great fun with this quadcopter.

  3. I used to see a quadcopter in a movie. I like the performance of it. It is believed that I can also have great fun of flying the quadcopter.

  4. Good quadcopter. It does great help to my study of RC quadcopter. I am glad that I have bought it for myself. Thanks for your information.

  5. Good Standard quadcopter! It can do me great favor in knowing more about RC quadcopter. Thanks for your recommendation.

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