Portable IMaxRC X200 Touch Screen RC Battery Charger Recommendations

Before buying a charger, you have to consider cell count and its capacity. Calculate the number of volts by counting the number of cells in the pack. Also determine the capacity of the set in mAh. In case you have a set of lithium polymer thunder power battery pack and you wish to buy appropriate charger for the pack, then this article will guide you properly. This battery charges at a faster rate when compared with normal batteries and hence you should decide the rate of charging while selecting the charger. Today, we will introduce a new charger to you, it called IMaxRC X200 charger.

Even if you are not familiar with the name IMaxRC you have probably used something they have manufactured. You see, iMax is one of the leading manufacturers of chargers and other accessories and sells their products to other manufactures as to sell under their own brand name.  The newest charger from IMaxRC is the X200 Touch Screen Balance Charger; it boasts a host of features that racers need and want and has a fantastic touch screen interface that is easy to use.

IMaxRC X200 Touch Screen Lipo NiMH RC Battery Charger IMaxRC X200 Balance Multi Charger IMaxRC X200 RC Battery Balance Multi Charger

With phones, tables and so many other devices going the touch screen route today it was only a matter of time before someone released a quality touch screen charger. The X200 from iMax is that charger and has the capability to charge just about everything on the market.  Feel free to hook up LiPo, LiFe, LiIon (1-6S), NiMH,NiCD (1-16 cells) and even Pb/lead acid batteries (1-10S) to it. It can charge them all. Beng DC (direct current) only you will need a power supply to bring the X200 to life.

Therefore, I think the IMaxRC is the X200 Touch Screen Balance Charger is not bad, if you really want to buy a charger, you can take this into consideration.

3 thoughts on “Portable IMaxRC X200 Touch Screen RC Battery Charger Recommendations

  1. This touch screen battery charger is beyond of my imagination. I can not believe that there is a charger with smart touch screen. It must be very useful and functional. I like it.

  2. This charger seems to be more practical and useful. It can make charging more effective and efficient. It is a good assistant device for people to use.

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