Multi Rotor Parts-Tarot FY690S 6 Axis Carbon Fiber Frame

Tarot FY690S  All over the world today, there are more and more people would like to play with the RC toys. Such as helicopter, plane and so on. When you are looking into buying a new RC toy, there are a few factors that you need to consider before going out to look for a toy. As we all know that, the specific type of toy with wheels that are designed to help give you speed. I think the carbon fiber frame will help you to meet your needs, for example, the Tarot FY690S carbon fiber frame. It uses toray carbon fiber 3K weave carbon fiber plate and hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tubes) full CNC machining. Design standards higher than similar products, the entire chassis weighs only 600 grams. S version uses 16MM new multi-axis motor mount to back new brushless ESC position, can be directly tied to use.

FY690S 6 Axis FrameBesides, one of the major advantages of purchasing a carbon fiber frame is that they are incredibly durable. When you buy a new toy, you must want it to last for years and to be able to withstand falls or recks. A Tarot FY690S carbon fiber frame can take a beating and bear up under pressure without breaking, making it an almost indestructible frame.

6 Axis Carbon Fiber FrameOn the other hand, to buy a carbon fiber frame not only will it be stronger but it will also be a lot lighter. The reason is because this is widely used in the aerospace and motor industries because of its strength and lightness. It is expensive to buy so making sure that yu get the cheapest price possible so that you can buy other accessories for your RC toys as well.

At last, the Tarot FY690S carbon fiber frame comes with a high requirement for portable users design, especially suitable for do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high performance requirements of mobile equipment and require relatively little load multi blank endurance applications. In a word, it’s good for you.

Tarot FY690S 6 Axis Frame

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