v450d01 v2 RC Helicopter Is Really Good

Walkera New V450D01 V2

If you think that helicopters are cool and if you are ordinary men that cannot afford a real helicopter, than the next logical thing that you can do is to fly an RC helicopter. For example, the v450d01 v2 RC helicopter.

This RC helicopter is controlled by new 6-axis gyro control system, with flybarless balance electronic system, amend flight status automatically, makes more flexible 3D performance. On the other hand, the autorotation landing system made of high quality one-way bearing maximally protects your helicopter.

Besides,v450d01 v2 RC helicopter obtains many advanced technologies and designs. It has a separation design of integrated plastic main frame and skid landing to make it easy to disassemble and maintain. It adopts new flybarless system to make it fast response and great efficiency improvement. High-performance brushless motor of the helicopter provides more powerful and durable flight.

As it adopts Generation II 6-Axis gyro control system integrates with receiver, the helicopter can automatically correct flight attitude, and is easy to control for both basic flight and 3D flight, ensuring stable and precise flight, and decreasing the difficulty of the operation. Belt driven system it has can ensure easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise. Its carbon fiber main blade adopts new compound carbon fiber materials, having better rigidity and toughness, suitable for wind resistance on outer doors and 3D maneuvers.

Regardless of the limitations of a toy helicopter you can easily play with and it perfectly fits children and RC helicopter hobbyists that are barely starting. Importantly it has a cheap price is safe to play with and practice with. But you can’t have it repaired once there is something wrong with it as opposed to the real deal RC helicopter. In other words, the v450d01 v2 RC helicopter is really good for you.


3 thoughts on “v450d01 v2 RC Helicopter Is Really Good

  1. From the picture, the helicopter seems to be stunning, having excellent action performance. I feel exciting only seeing the picture. I think it can bring me a lot of flight fun.

  2. This helicopter is cool and awesome. It can do various action flexibly and stably. It is believed that it is going to be the winner in the helicopter competition if it takes part in the activity.

  3. The helicopter seems to be very active. It can do a lot of actions. I like the various movements of the helicopter, so I get one.

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