Art-Tech Mini X6 Is A Great Present For Christmas Day

Christmas Day is coming soon. Have you decided to send a gift to your friends or relatives? What kind of gift do you want to choose? Here I suggest you to get Art-Tech Mini X6 which is a famous type of RC quadcopter for your friends or relatives as it suits for children and adults, men and women. This present can bring a lot of fun for them.

Art-Tech Mini X6

The quadcopter adopts many high technologies to improve the performance of the quadcopter. Newly improved flybarless rotor head applies super-lower CG design, with reduced distance between rotor head and frame, effectively improving rolling, auto-spinning, swaying, and some other actions of the helicopter. People can enjoy the excellent performance with this improvement.

Art-Tech Mini X6 employs unibody main shaft and servo mount, combined with modified side frame connecting points, to simplify servo replacement and maintenance. It also uses longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount, through which the battery mount becomes more rigid and can be shifted based on its dimension for better CG. Vertical rudder servo mount design moves the CG closer to center, improving agility during 3D maneuvers. In addition, the screw count has been decreased to minimize assembly and maintenance time. In a word, it is simple and easy to maintain the quadcopter.

 Art-Tech Mini X6

It is obvious from the above that Art-Tech Mini X6 is a excellent present in action, maintenance and aesthetics. Many people will feel happy and pleasant when receiving this beautiful and functional present. The biggest advantages of this RC quadcopter is the super stable flight and easy to maintenance. It adopts brushed motor, amazing performance as same as the brushless motor. In a word, this RC quadcopter is nice and funny. It certainly will bring much fun and happiness to your child. You can control this RC quadcopter with your kid together.


3 thoughts on “Art-Tech Mini X6 Is A Great Present For Christmas Day

  1. This mini quadcopter has a fashionable and fascinating appearance. I like the shape of it. I think many people are fond of it as it is really functional.

  2. My little brother is fond of RC toys. I think I can send this quadcopter to him as it is really good and excellent. It saves me from the trouble of what I can send to him for Christmas. It is really sweet and cute for me.

  3. What a cute and nice quadcopter!I like it very much not only because it is a present from my cousin, but also because it is interesting and funny to fly it. Recommend it to you.

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