Mobius Camera Makes Your Memory More Wonderful

I have seen a strange thing which is called Mobius camera a few days ago. As it is not in the normal shape of a digital camera, I haven’ t recognized that it is a camera at first. However, after searching for some statistics, I was attracted by its specialties. I can not believe that such featureless thing is so special.

 Mobius camera

Although the appearance of it is not fashionable, Mobius camera is the newest and most advanced mini action camera on the market, able to record 1080P HD video and audio. There are two user selectable video modes, toggled by the mode button after powered up. Either mode can be set to record 1080p-30fps, 720p-60fps or 720p-30fps with MOV video format. Three movie quality settings are supplied, that is super, standard and low, which will vary the recording bit rates to suit for the user-selected frame size and frame rate. The super setting with 1080p-30 fps video gives an approximately average total bit rate around 18,000 kbps with a high detail and motion scene. The low setting with 720p-30 fps video gives approximately 5800 kbps on the low end. This camera is useful and practical.

Mobius Camera

Four video recording cycle time settings will be 5, 10, 15 min, as well as max, all of which will stop, save and continue. It is easy for people to control. The max setting will record until the 4GB files size limit is reached, the card runs out of space, or the battery power is removed. The Mobius camera has a long battery life, up to 80 minutes, but the actual max recording time will vary dramatically accord to the users settings for frame size, frame rate, and movie quality.

In a word, the Mobius Camera is perfect for people as an action camera, to mount on a bike, skateboard or any type of helmet. This camera can also be used as a car dash camera by purchasing the optional car mounts and cigarette lighter adaptors. It can be widely used. In a word, Mobius camera is not as ordinary as its appearance, obtaining many specialties that attracting many people’ s attention.

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  1. I can’ t believe this ordinary camera is so functional. It is right that never judge by appearance. It is really attractive due to its well performance.

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