DJI WOOKONG-M refers to a type of controller which possesses a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. Unlike others, it allows the use of regular ESC commonly used in RC helicopters without any wiring modification. Helicopter mode setup provides a seamless transition for current ace one AP professionals. It utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithm in autopilot and UAV field. It is meant to be excellent and great.


Enhanced fail-safe is the feature to ensure that the multi-rotor will hover automatically if it loses RC signal. After losing the signal in a certain time period, the WKM will calculate the safest way to return the helicopter to the home position. The helicopter will hover over your GPS start point and land automatically. It can guarantee the safety of your expensive payloads and equipments on the platform.

Generally, due to imbalanced mechanical structure and external environment, the whole multi-rotor will retain good attitude and rotate around the frame arm with no power output. Rotating is mainly caused by payload and external environment. When payload is heavier, rotating speed is faster. On rotating, the hexa-rotor physical structure can cause rudder to become out of control. The humanistic protection function from DJI WOOKONG-M, in Attitude or GPS Mode, can keep attitude under control even with any one power output failed and highly reduces crash risk.

The WKM has a two levels of low voltage protection design to prevent your multi-rotor from a crash or other harmful consequence caused by low battery voltage. You can choose to not use them, but all two level protections have LED warning as default. First level will blink yellow light continuously, and second level will blink red light continuously. Comparing the Go Home and Landing of low voltage protection with the Go Home and Landing in Enhanced Failed-safe, it is easy to see that the generations of Home Location are the same and the Go Home routes are the same. The difference is that there is no hovering before landing in low voltage protection.

It is obvious from the above that DJI WOOKONG-M can do a lot to to help people, which makes it a practical and useful item for them. It is worthwhile to own it.


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