DJI LK24-BT Is Multifunctional

DJI LK24-BT is a kind of iPad ios ground station, equipped with 2.4G Bluetooth data link. Compatible with DJI flight control systems, it is a portable mobile control platform designed for BVR flight. It can currently support the IOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0, such as iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini and so on. It is practical and useful, obtaining multiple function which make it famous and popular, widely accepted and used.


DJI LK24-BT has a friendly user interface design, combined with the real-time flight attitude feedback, allowing you to access flight status immediately. You can take control of the flight as soon as possible and have great fun. There is a joystick control with touch screen, and customized joystick mode are supported. The joystick control mode can be customized, and the default setting is Mode 2.

It obtains single waypoint function, and you can have a new flight control experience just by clicking desired point and going on touch screen with your fingertips. It also has waypoints function. You can preset and edit flight routes according to real-time flight requirements, and go there according to the routine. There is a flight route template supplied, which can supply three editable flight route templates, to make the waypoint setting easier and more precise.

Beside, it has utility function. It has the ability of monitoring the accurate flight time, supporting offline map, and providing routes saving and reloading. Voice guidance and real-time alarming are also its typical function. Chinese and English UI are offered for you to choose base on your preference. Cloud storage enables you to store as many things as you like. It is obvious that this item is useful and functional.

The above has stated the function of DJI LK24-BT in details. It is easy to see that it has multiple function, making it very useful and practical. It is worthwhile and valuable to have this multifunctional item.

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